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Welcome Entrance Décor

The entrance to our historic restaurant is paved with stones that are washed clean under the entrance gate by the running waters of the Myojingawa canal.  On your left is a tsukubai, a stone carved hand wash with a wild rabbit design on its front.  You take off your footwear on Karanseki stones brought in from old temples before you walk into the restaurant or room you have chosen. We personally greet and welcome you inside.

Zangetsu Suite

We cook and serve gourmand dishes. Our old private The most isolated serene suite at our site. It has a six by twelve spacious tokonoma alcove with a scroll and incense burner.  Adjacent to the room is shoin reading room. The suite provides a perfect atmosphere of peace for a memorial gathering.

You can set up your own alter by yourself.  Your consultation and order of the dishes your loved ones will be prepared with our utmost care and sincere respect to the departed one.

Kanri, the Carp Watching Room

From this room you can watch gorgeous carp swimming in our garden pond.  Located far behind the garden are the Kamo mountains. While in Kanri, you are soaked in the auspicious beauty of nature in this room.

Kyokusui, Winding River Room

This sunny room is perfect for you to share a relaxed time with your family and friends. The small size of the room creates a homely feel.

Detached Building, Sakairou

The founder of Sakurai, Gohei Sakurai, started a restaurant Sakaiya in the Genroku period (circa 1700) in the house he was born.  Later on Sakaiya changed its name and became Sakurai, but is still located in the original building that is now used as a detached house that is now called Sakairou.