Kyoto Restaurant kamigamo SAKURAI

About our Restaurant

We cook and serve gourmand dishes. Our old private house restaurant is located in archaic Shake-machi, the historic residence of Shinto priests surrounded with earthen walls. The waters of Myojingawa streams along the walls of our restaurant. When you sit and dine in one of our rooms you will experience the serenity and elegance of Kamo. All the while feeling protected by divine spirits of Kamigamo Shrine.

Sakurai prepares genuine Japanese cuisine in Traditional Kyoto style for a reception of the newly wed couple at Kamiga mo Jinja Shrine. (For Details, click please here.)

Kamigamo Jinja Shrine the world cultural heritage Sakurai is a short distance from Kamigamo Jinja Shrine, which is blessed with lovely landscape views throughout all year long. The delicate waters of the Myoujingawa canal is still running in front of the restaurant since 1700s. Inside our serene rooms, you will feel as though time has stopped from those ancient days.